What is WOW?

WOW (Women of Winter/wheels/waves/water/wind/wandering) was created as an ideas exchange for women in the mountains, a medium through which to trade knowledge and skills, share past experiences and plan future adventures.


Through face-to-face networking events, WOW works to facilitate building communities of women who share a common curiosity to discover their full potential.

WOW is the dreamchild of longtime snomad, Jo Guest. Inspired by the drive and camaraderie she encountered when riding mountains with friends all over the world, Jo organised the first WOW event at Mt Olympus, New Zealand, last year (

The event was a huge success; the word about WOW spread and pretty soon folks from the Northern Hemisphere were clamouring for their turn. And now it’s happening: for the weekend beginning April 9-11 2010 the Chamonix valley will be playground of the goddesses.

WOW is set to shake up the Chamonix valley, with a refreshing and engaging new snow event concept.

Our proceeds with be split between:

Alpine Initiatives’ mission:  Through social, ecological and agricultural interactions, AI works to create and nurture sustainable environments and communities


Breast Cancer Campaign’s mission: to beat breast cancer by funding innovative world-class research to understand how breast cancer develops, leading to improved diagnosis, treatment, prevention and cure.


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