Testimonials from WOW Olympus, New Zealand 11-13 September 2009

“Wicked time at WOW! Nice to hang out with like minded chicks. Good food, lots of laughter and great skiing. Looking forward to next time” Myran, Sweden/NZ


5 responses

28 03 2010

What an awesome weekend! Great to shift the balance and have so many girls at Olympus. Stoked that it is going to be an annual event, and going worldwide – nice work Jo Guest!

28 03 2010

“What a great weekend! It was so nice to be hanging with girls in the mountains, sharing ideas and stories, and planning future adventures. Bring on WOW NZ 2010.” Kate, Christchurch/Wanaka NZ.

29 03 2010

good people in an amazing place all having fun. doesn’t get much better than that!

30 03 2010

A great weekend for brain storming with the chicks and coming up with plans for more adventures, learning from those with more skills and doing yoga before going skiing! Sorry I’m not going to make Cham.
Nic, Norwich, UK

30 03 2010

Absolutely Awesome times with the Ladies on the mountains!!!! Thanks Jo and Olympus! It was great to meet new friends, chat lots, exchange stories experiences, plan adventures…. And of course SKI PARTY LAUGH SHARE together. So good to have a Ladies event! FUN FUN FUN We should do it more often! Can’t wait for the next one!
Luca, Argentina -Lyttelton NZ-

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